The general conditions mentioned below aim at defining the rights and obligations of the parties within the framework of the online sale of items proposed to the customer on the website www.libra-paris.com.
The fact of ordering an item on the website implies acceptance without any restriction or reserve by the customer of these general sales conditions, which have contractual value. By ordering an item on our website, the customer declares and acknowledges to have read, understood and to accept these general sales conditions.
Libra Paris reserves the right to modify these general sales conditions at any moment. However, the general sales conditions applicable to the customer shall always be those in force on the date of the customer’s order.


Are referred to as “items”, the products proposed for sale on our website at the date of accessing the site. However, “LIBRA-PARIS” does not guarantee the availability of items proposed on the site. In the case of unavailability on ordering, the customer will be notified by “LIBRA-PARIS”. 
The items proposed on our website are presented to the customers with the utmost accuracy in order to meet the provisions of the Consumer Code. However, it should be noted that the pictures illustrating the items proposed for sale only have an indicative value because of possible alterations due to their representation on the website.


Prices of items proposed on our website are firm and final. They are given in Euros, inclusive of all taxes. Apart from deliveries in mainland France and by Colissimo 48 H, prices do not take into account the delivery costs that are invoiced in addition, as notified to the customer in his order summary submitted before its acceptance. .
The amount of delivery costs (outside mainland France and Chronopost) is calculated depending on the function, destination and actual or volumetric weight of the parcel according to the conditions defined by La Poste or by the independent carrier chosen by “LIBRA-PARIS”.
The ordered items are invoiced at the applied price posted on the website on the date of the order. However, “LIBRA-PARIS” reserves the right to change prices at any moment, without prior notice and without further formalities. .


By browsing our website, the customer can choose one or several items from a selection of items of our collection. Next, he can place his order. Once the customer made his choice, the order will go through several stages, as follows:
– Validation of the items:
The customer validates the item chosen on the website, together with size, color and quantity. “LIBRA-PARIS” then informs the customer of the availability of the items chosen.
– Identification of the customer:
The customer shall enter the details and information required for his identification and for the proper processing of his order, more in particular:
– name
– First name
– delivery adress
– invoice adress
To this aim, the customer must create a personal account, the identification of which is carried out by means of his e-mail address and a password of his own free choice, but to be kept strictly confidential, not to be divulgated to third parties in any form whatsoever and for personal use only.
Any order placed by means of the customer’s identification and password shall be deemed placed by the customer in person. If the customer already has a personal account, he will have to log on to his account by entering his e-mail address and password. He must update or modify already registered information as needed.
– Final validation of the order:
A summary of the order is proposed to the customer, comprising the selection of chosen items, their availability, their size and color, their invoicing and delivery addresses, their total price as well as the related transportation and delivery charges.
The customer shall check his order summary and carry out any modifications deemed necessary. As soon as a modification is made, the customer will receive an updated summary of his order. 
To validate his order, the customer is asked to accept the summary of his order on a final basis by clicking the button “validate”.
These general sales conditions are then submitted to the customer for acknowledgement and acceptance. Acceptance of the general sales conditions shall be considered as a final acceptance of the customer’s order. 
The customer is then redirected to the secure website of the partner bank of “LIBRA-PARIS” in order to carry out the payment of his order. On receipt of payment confirmation notified by our partner bank, the sale shall be deemed concluded. The customer’s order shall then be confirmed by e-mail.
“LIBRA-PARIS” préparera alors la commande du client dans les meilleurs délais et l’informera de son expédition par e-mail.
“LIBRA-PARIS” will then process the customer’s order as soon as possible and will notify him by e-mail of the shipping.”LIBRA-PARIS” reserves the right to refuse any order or delivery in the case of default of payment of an order, of an ongoing litigation with a customer, of a refusal of payment authorization by the customer or for any other justified reason.


Payments are carried out exclusively in Euros on the secure site of our partner bank. 
Payment is carried out exclusively by credit card CB, VISA, EUROCARD, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS CARTE FRANCE, DINERS CLUB and any other cards approved by the EIG of credit cards CB and accepted by our partner bank. If payment is done by means of a VISA card, EUROCARD or MASTERCARD, the customer shall give his credit card n° with the expiry date and the visual cryptogram (i.e. the last three digits mentioned at the back of the credit card). If payment is done by AMERICAN EXPRESS CARTE FRANCE or DINERS CLUB, the customer shall give his credit card n° with the expiry date and the four digits mentioned on the front
The customer’s bank account is debited on shipping with the amount in Euros mentioned on the order date in the summary accepted by him.
In order to ensure payment security, “LIBRA PARIS” resorts to a payment service that is secured by the application SOGECOMMERCE of the Société Générale, our partner bank. This service integrates the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which ensures, thanks to a technical encryption (codification), the integrity and confidentiality of data (credit card n°, expiry date and cryptogram) transmitted by the customer. The customer’s bank details are not at any time transiting via the website. 
For deliveries outside the Eurozone, the customs fees, exchange costs and other bank commissions shall be charged exclusively to the customer. For further information, please contact the bank that issued the credit card you used for payment and the competent customs authorities.


“LIBRA-PARIS” invites the customer to print the summary of his order. The data bearing on the orders shall be registered and kept in the information systems of the company PHPNET, webhost of “LIBRA-PARIS” and of our partner bank. The computer records of these companies are evidence of the whole of transactions carried out between the parties on the website. Archiving of data bearing on the orders is done on a reliable and sustainable medium that can be produced by way of proof.


The items are delivered by COLISSIMO or any other independent carrier chosen by us within an average of 2 to 4 working days in mainland France (including Corsica) and within an average of 2 to 8 working days outside mainland France, according to the country of destination. These delivery deadlines are given for information only. Exceeding these time limits by said service providers can in no way be held against “LIBRA-PARIS”, nor give rise to contract termination or to any compensation for the benefit of the customer.
The items are transported at the customer’s own risk, who must check their good condition on delivery. Any anomaly in the delivery (damaged parcels, missing items in comparison to the “LIBRA-PARIS” invoice, etc.) shall be subject to reservations mentioned on the delivery receipt submitted by the carrier. At the same time, the customer must report such anomaly to the carrier by forwarding him within a period of 7 days following delivery date a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt stating said claims, which must be motivated and accompanied by documentary evidence.
The customer shall forward a copy of this mail to “LIBRA-PARIS” within this same period of 7 days following delivery date at the following address: “LIBRA-PARIS” 85 boulevard Pasteur 75015, Paris.
After this date, and if said formalities were not complied with, the items will be considered as compliant and free of any apparent defect, and no claim shall be validly accepted by “LIBRA-PARIS”.
In the case of lack of conformity of a delivered item, the customer shall mention the return of the item on his customer account and can return it to us at the following address: “LIBRA-PARIS”, 16 Boulevard Saint Germain, 75005 Paris, in its original condition, imperatively bearing the original labels, with the original packaging and the invoice. Failing that, “LIBRA-PARIS” shall not make any exchange or reimbursement of the returned defective item. Assuming that the return of the defective item is justified, “LIBRA-PARIS” shall make the exchange or reimbursement of the defective item at the customer’s convenience, to the extent of stocks available. The customer can, however, not lay claim to any compensation.



We have a policy of free returns. You have 14 days, starting on the date of delivery of the parcel, to return it to our address mentioned on your return label. Please contact us at the address contact@librawrlwd.com, together with your order n° if you did not receive your prepaid return label and we will send it back to you. 
Put your item in its original package, which should bear the original labels and should be accompanied by the invoice.
If the item is defective or non-compliant, you can return it to the address mentioned above, in its original condition, imperatively bearing the original labels, with the original packaging and the invoice. Failing that, the defective item will neither be exchanged nor reimbursed. Assuming that the return of the defective item is justified, you will receive the new item to the extent of stocks available, or its reimbursement, as soon as possible. 
It is your responsibility to keep all evidence of this return (tracked shipment of the registered type, or Colissimo, or any other means allowing to provide proof of reshipment). This shipping documentation must comprise the following information: address of the recipient, shipping date and parcel number


The customer must specify reference, size and color of the item, either by written note in the return parcel or via the “Contact” page of the website.


In accordance with the provisions in force in France, the customer has a right of withdrawal within 14 clear days following the delivery date, in order to return and cancel his order. The date of the delivery receipt validly applies and constitutes the starting date of this deadline. This right of return and cancellation can concern the whole or part of the order. The customer must mention in his customer account that he intends to return the product and the item(s) for which he exercises his right of withdrawal, in their original condition, imperatively bearing the original labels, with the original packaging and the invoice, to the following address: “LIBRA-PARIS”, 85 Boulevard Pasteur, 75015 Paris.
Shipping fees for the returned items and, if any, for the clearing charges remain payable by the customer, unless the delivered items do not comply with the order or contain patent defects. 
Reimbursement will be carried out by a credit to the bank account linked to the credit card used for payment, and such as soon as possible and at the latest within 30 days following the date on which the customer made use of his right of withdrawal, in accordance with the provisions of article L. 121-20-1 of the Consumer Code.


“LIBRA-PARIS” is only bound by an obligation of means towards the customer, who remains sole judge of the appropriateness of the items ordered, adapted to his needs and consumption. “LIBRA-PARIS” cannot be held liable for any improper use of the items, contrarily to their purpose. Without limiting the scope of the other provisions of these general sales conditions, the liability of “LIBRA-PARIS” can only be imposed in the case of proven fault, solely attributable to it. At all events, such liability shall be strictly limited to direct damages.


Any and all events, whatever their nature, beyond the control of “LIBRA-PARIS”, which are irresistible, unforeseeable and liable to delay or prevent the execution of the order, constitute a cause of suspension and/or termination of the obligations of “LIBRA-PARIS” towards the customer, without the latter being entitled to any compensation. Without limiting the scope of the other provisions of these general sales conditions, the liability of “LIBRA-PARIS” can only be imposed for facts resulting from a fortuitous event or due to a third party or the victim of the damage.


The intellectual property rights attached to the items sold on the website are and remain the exclusive property of the company “LIBRA-PARIS”. All exploitation rights are exclusively reserved to said company. 
In these conditions, no one is authorized to reproduce, exploit, distribute or use in whatever context said intellectual property rights, even partially, without the previous written consent of “LIBRA-PARIS”. The brands and logos of the company “LIBRA-PARIS” are registered trademarks. Consequently, any reproduction constitutes a counterfeit.


The personal data collected by “LIBRA-PARIS” can be the subject of computerized processing intended for use by “LIBRA-PARIS” for the management of orders and deliveries, for informing users of promotional offers by “LIBRA-PARIS” and of events occurring on the website. Subject to previous consent of the customer obtained on his communicating his personal data, “LIBRA-PARIS” reserves the right to pass them on to its partners. 
In accordance with the act “Information Technology and Civil Liberties” dated January 6, 1978, the customer has a right of access, modification, rectification or suppression of his personal data. If the customer wants to exercise this right and obtain communication of information concerning him, he can contact “LIBRA-PARIS”:
– by e-mail to: contact@librawrlwd.com
– y regular mail to the following address: “LIBRA-PARIS”, 85 Boulevard Pasteur, 75015 Paris.
The customer can also, for legitimate reasons, oppose personal data processing. “LIBRA-PARIS” undertakes to take all necessary precautions to protect these data, more in particular by preventing their distortion, damage or accessibility to non-authorized third parties. Connection to the website has the effect of sending to the customer’s browser a number of data stored on his hard drive. The customer can, if he so wishes, modify the configuration of his browser so as to refuse cookies, according to the procedure detailed on the page “Legal Notices” of the website. This manipulation does not prevent connecting to the website but can delay the loading of pages and will require systematic identification of the customer on connecting to his account by communicating his e-mail address and password.


These general sales conditions are governed by French law and the jurisdiction of the French courts. In the case of dispute, the parties shall seek an amicable settlement before bringing the matter to the court.


For any information, question or claim, the CUSTOMER can contact “LIBRA PARIS”:
– by e-mail: contact@librawrlwd.com
– by regular mail: 85 Boulevard Pasteur 75015 Paris – France