Street art, graffiti, dripping, abstract or figurative art …

Akacha’s work is an all-embracing, unique and authentic blend.

This artist concocts his artistic recipe filled with love and humor. He makes use of all magic ingredients of a life full to the brim with emotions, actions and memories.

Born in Ariana, in a popular neighborhood of Greater Tunis, Akacha tells us in his paintings of a very colorful life replete with anecdotes, which accumulate on the canvasin a unique parade.

Akacha’s art tells the story of his city in a graphic sketch exploding reality as he experiences it, full of colors, characters, turmoil and sensitivity.

Does he see things otherwise? Certainly, but without breaking away from the typical street elements, faithful to his childhood, within the walls of Tunis once upon a time.

He keeps a touch of freshness, mockery and amusement in the smallest detail and character of each of his paintings. His work, crowded and vertiginous, invites the onlooker to a journey in the fabulous world of his vivid imagination.

Is it possible to resist?

Just try it!

Attraction will be more powerful than a high tide taking you to this mysterious universe, and even turning you into a character of this gigantic stage.

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