Against black eyes, bumps, bruises and tears of sadness. Supporting the « En Avant Toute(s) » association, fighting domestic violence.

Violence against women is the key concern and the work horse.

Libra uses fashion and art to fight inequalities and social injustices. Theophile Gautier wrote “The art for the art”. Art is only serving beauty and aesthetics. However, sometimes, Art gets involved. Art supports, defends and condemns.

Libra stands for an astrological sign (balance). It is committed fashion collective. For its 2019/2020 collection the French brand collaborates with the artist AKACHA and tackles violence against women. The brand commits to donate a portion of its profits to BEITY a non for-profit organization supporting this cause and bring to light their daily work.This year, the brand supports the french association En avant toute(s).

Libra was launched in early 2020 by several designers from different backgrounds. The brand offers products named after women who made history (Kamala, Emma, Rupi, Mona) and pays tribute to people who contributed to the collective and share its commitment.

By exemple, Nico, she is a young Danish girl who works in a nursing home, she supports everyday the elderly. Libra tributes to her in the collection and name a sweatshirt and a t-shirt after her. LIBRA invites you to consume smartly invest to pay tribute to art by supporting a cause.

The pieces offered are made of refined and ecofriendly such as organic cottons and we select our suppliers based ontheir ethical responsibility. Sandra, one of our garment makers in Portugal, was also victim of domestic violence.

Two of the brand creations wear her name.